We are so excited to share the news that Kyleen Atonson is our new Executive Pastry Chef! Kyleen is an experienced, highly skilled pastry chef that spent the early part of her career honing her skills in many prestigious and Michelin-starred Chicago kitchens. She was awarded the Jean Banchet Rising Pastry Chef of 2018. As many of you may have heard, she recently appeared as a contestant on ‘Chopped Sweets: Winter Celebration’ on the Food Network, and she WON!

She’s already contributed some very popular additions to our pastry case such as the Coconut Cream Cake, Nutella Cream Brioche and Apple Crostata among others. Stop by and see us for a look at what she might have made today!

For more details about Kyleen, Selmarie and her recent Chopped win, check out our latest press release.