Temporary Closure Announcement

As a protective measure against the risk of corona virus exposure, and as mandated by the governor of Illinois, we are now closed for at least two weeks. No carry-out or bakery service is available. We sincerely hope this crisis subsides quickly and to return to service as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support - we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Stay home if you can, and stay well!

Buy Selmarie Gift Cards

Want to help support us and our staff during the shutdown? Buy a gift card online! Gift cards are good for dine-in and bakery items once we get up and running again, and no matter the amount, they help us stay afloat. Give yourself and friends and family something to look forward to once this is all over - the promise of getting together and celebrating again! We hope you all are staying healthy and happy, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Free Selmarie diner mug for Gift Card purchases of $50 or more!

Buy Selmarie Gift Card

GoFundMe for Selmarie Staff

The protective measures taken to prevent spread of the Coronavirus are affecting small businesses everywhere - perhaps none as greatly as the small, independents in the service industry. We are completely closed during this two week period. We are raising money to help compensate our 43 staff members for the time that we are closed. For many of them, they are not just living from week to week on their payroll checks, but day to day on tips they receive. Every day we are closed is a hardship already, and really takes a serious toll on them.

Without our employees, there would be no Selmarie. We would be so grateful for your help during this crisis. Helping to keep small businesses like us afloat right now is essential to sustaining our communities. Thank you in advance for whatever amount you can contribute. When this is all over, we can't wait to see you again!


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