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• Sundays: Industry Night - 20% off dine-in food and drink for bar/ restaurant professionals
• Tuesday & Wednesdays:
half-price bottles of wine
• Thursdays: $22 prix fixe specials

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Plum Cake is Here!

It's here, but not for long! This classic German dessert features fresh Italian prune plums tossed in cinnamon and brown sugar and set in a sweet, buttery crust. This delightful summer tradition is not to be missed! It's only available for a few weeks while the plums are in season, so grab a slice, a healthy dose of whipped cream and savor this sweet taste of summer today!

Now Showing: Artworks by Bill Frederick and Bert Menco

"My images tend to deal with confined spaces containing certain characters that reach out to one another but do not quite succeed in meeting; hiding behind reality, masking yourself, or trying to show with the mask how you really feel. Maybe one's "normal" face is really a mask?"-bertmenco.com

Bill Frederick, BILLOGRAPHY
"Bill Frederick is a Chicago-based visual artist. His junk-food-and-caffeine-fueled paintings use his preoccupations with friends, family, history, and geography-together with a nagging sense of dread-to reflect his experience of living..."

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