Are you a Selmarie fan who lives outside of Chicago, or do you know someone who is? Now you can enjoy a Selmarie breakfast—or gift one!—because we’re shipping our famous granola throughout the U.S.!

Made in-house and from scratch by our bakers, our granola features oats, pecans, almonds, walnuts, and real maple syrup. It’s a perfect addition to a breakfast of Greek yogurt and any healthy fresh fruit like Dates Fruit. Over the years, we’ve featured it in brunch specials such as banana-granola pancakes and blueberry-and-granola-topped French toast; we’ve even used it to top a custom-ordered pie for a devoted granola fan! It makes a great topper for oatmeal or baked apples too!

Bowl of granola, package of granola, and note that says "Let Cafe Selmarie ship you our famous granola."

To order granola for shipping, please call 773-989-5595 or email the café (email is the best way to request an order). If you’re in town and you’d like to pick up a one-pound container, you can order online!